What should I start?

The next generation of relevant companies will have to contain business, technology, and design as first-class ingredients.


Where should I start?

A company that wants to stay in business has to be good at Business itself. However, the digital revolution is changing everything and has given rise to an entire generation of tech-enabled companies that could only come into existence by being built with technology at the core. In addition to Business and Technology, the next generation of great companies will have to add a third first-class ingredient: thoughtful Design.

When starting a company, the field of design thinking provides a mindset and structured processes to go rapidly from idea to learning from the market. Later, computational product design enables personalized experiences for a large number of people.

A great company, in my mind, has Design that delivers a 10× better user experience over current solutions; it has a proven and profitable business model with a relentless focus on creating value for the customer; and, finally, it has world-class engineering and applied science to solve hard problems.